That’s right. No extra data, no changes to the image. All the pixels and colours are exactly the same. Any data you want inside a GIF without any trace. But how? I’m glad you asked.

During highschool I was interested in steganography, the study of hiding messages in plain sight. I had just finished a simulation project that encoded GIFs, so I was still in the headspace of the GIF codec. I began tinkering with the different elements and found an area I wanted to manipulate. Here’s how I encoded 127 bytes into a GIF without changing the file size.

Why is this special?

Recently I wrote a report on bubble tea prices in Waterloo. I did this because I find that bubble tea shops have numerous ways of making you think that their product gives you the best deal or is the most worth it like cup size, rewards programs, different pricing schemes for toppings, etc. As a numbers guy, I wanted to know what gave me the most tea for my money. Simple as that. So I hand investigated many of the sizes and did the math on all of the loyalty programs and came up with data to determine which shops…

The yearly competition between thousands of teens for hundreds of spots

This is a story about a world many don’t know, and some know very well. American Ivy leagues have been the talk of the town for many years due to their prestige, rankings, and now, controversy. However, there is an area of education swiftly rising in competition and rankings: Canadian technology universities. Universities like the University of Waterloo have been making global headlines for their billion dollar startups and excellent tech programs.

In the world of the internet, data is now a ubiquitous resource. There is a great amount of trust placed in data by many consumers. Often times the word “data” is synonymous with “fact”, however, there is an intermediate step for this conversion. Facts are created by looking at data and extrapolating causality. There is room for error in this extrapolation to fact and problems may occur when these “facts” propagate to the general public. There has recently been a surge of awareness in the faults of these facts created from data, dubbed the infamous “fake news”. Over time, the…

I’d like to challenge what the world thinks about the talent shortage in tech. Talent is not hard to find, technology is hard to teach. Let me explain.

University of Waterloo’s M3 Lecture Hall. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. (source)

Technology is a field with tremendous breadth and depth. It spans from AI and cryptocurrencies to apps that deliver meals to your doorstep. You can learn about how to make your first webpage or how a Mosfet transistor works. This incredible span of topics creates a problem when the idea of “learning technology” or “working in technology” is presented.

Determining what range of knowledge is required is a constant problem in technology…

Since I was young, I always had dreams. One was to go to Hack the North (the largest hackathon in Canada), which I achieved this previous September. It surpassed my wildest dreams. My team even won an API prize from eSentire.

Calder White

Software Developer, Curiosity Driven

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